The Kingdom of God is the central message that Jesus Christ proclaimed and demonstrated in His life. Today the Holy Spirit is activating many people to do the works of Jesus in this generation. The School of Ministry is focused on equipping men and women with the necessary tools to be more effective in their personal lives, at home and in the marketplace. This is a School for individuals who want to know and do more. More Lord!

Our desire is to bring inspiration and transformation into four arenas of a person’s life:

  1. To learn what it means to have a Kingdom Heart, sensitive to the Heart of the Father who loves us more than we know, so that we learn to hear what the Spirit is saying, because of this deeper experience of His everlasting love.
    Fall Session with Kent Larson.

  2. Discover how Community Life functions through committed people, and leads to a greater release of our gifting and abilities, while building relationships that will last for eternity.
    Winter Session with Tim and Joanne Johnson, Sheneau and Deborah Stanley

  3. Outreach and Mission is the response and action of one who has come into a deeper relationship with Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In outreach you see lives transformed by the proclamation of the Kingdom through prophetic activities, healing prayers as well as simple acts of service. You will be exposed to opportunities in India, Cambodia and even Africa where you can minister to others in need of a touch of compassion.
    Spring Session with Noel Salas, Mike Hudgins, and special guests

  4. Biblical Studies encompasses a survey of the New Testament, Biblical principles of the Kingdom and gaining an understanding of how the Holy Spirit has moved in the Church for over 2000 years.
    Wednesday evenings with Bruce Stratton and guests

To request an Application:
Bruce Stratton/Director (949) 900-6363