A graduate of Oral Roberts University, Janiece taught business courses in public schools, and later worked as an office manager and personal assistant for the president of several companies related to the oil industry. While a stay-at-home mom, she home-schooled and also taught piano for 17 years, along with being very active in worship and women’s ministries.

Currently, Janiece participates in the VCC Worship Ministry in various roles, leads the VCC Women’s Ministry and Newcomers Ministry, leads a weekly prayer fellowship on Friday mornings, along with providing administrative assistance for her husband, Mike, Senior Pastor.

Janiece and Mike have been married since May 3, 1977, and the Lord blessed them with four beautiful children: John (1981), David (1984), Michelle (1986) and Stephen (1992). John is married to Amanda, and they have two little girls, Lainey (2009) and Brooke (2011), and one son, Joel (2012). Janiece’s Dad was a pastor and very committed to missions. Her brother, David Shibley, is the founder of Global Advance missions agency, and she and Mike have been pastoring together for over 30 years.


I find my joy in…
My husband and family.
The beauty of God in people.
The beauty of God in everyday life.
Watching people experience God’s presence — maybe for the first time.
Helping hearts become strong through the transforming power of God’s love
Encountering and releasing the favor of the Heavenly Father for myself, for my church family, and for my world.